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The Communicator Awards Announces 2012 Winners…and WE WON!

It's always a fantastic feeling to be recognized for the work that you do. When we submitted one of our favorite interactive modules to be considered for the 18th Annual Communicator Award, we knew it was good, we just weren't sure if our peers would agree. To know that the module is clearly pegged as an award-winning interactive tool is extremely rewarding.

“The pool of entries we received for this year’s Communicator Awards serves as a true testament to the innovative ideas and capabilities of communications and marketing professionals around the world. Each year our entrants continue to amaze by reinventing the ways we communicate and market in an ever-changing industry” noted Linda Day, executive director of the IAVA.  She added, “On behalf of the entire Academy, we congratulate this year’s Communicator Award Entrants and Winners for their passion and dedication.  We are humbled to be given the opportunity to recognize such amazing work.”

The winning module was developed as an educational tool for the US Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District's Regulatory Program.

Click here to see the module in-action.

While our entire team worked on delivering this project, we want to give a special shout out to the following integral people:

  • Graphics and Illustrations: Josh Smith and Adriana Mazariegos
  • Interactive Developer: Richard Komatz
  • Owners: Jose & Maria Elena Luya
  • Created for the US Army Corps of Engineers
  • USACE Contributors: Brice McCoy, Tracy Dotolo, Laura Boos, and Allison Monroe

For more information about the Communicator Awards, please visit


New LOW Rates on Studio Rental – Lights Included

Clients are taking advantage of our new full-day and half-day rental rates. The 1,200 sq. ft. seamless cyc wall in our Green Screen Studio is a great space to create commercials, training videos, and music videos. The bay door into the Green Screen Studio provides easy entry access for cars, bikes, and boats. It is also the perfect virtual studio space to hold castings, photo shoots, and more.

Behind the Scenes VIDEO:

The Green Screen Studio rental packages also include use of our private conference room, kitchen and bathroom, convenient parking and excellent customer service.

For more information, call (954) 433-0988 or visit the website.


Martinis and Mistletoe

Creative firms throw the best parties! We had a blast at our 2011 Holiday was awesome!!!

The highlight of the party - The Martini Throwdown! Trust us, Bobby Flay would have been proud. Maria Elena and Richard came ready to battle it out with killer recipes, secret ingredients, and giant shakers. Our judges, Ibsen and Adam, had to evaluate presentation, taste, and originality...while trying to stay sober. The rest of team had the best gig ever...tasting!!! Maria Elena made two martinis - Peach Passion  and Cuban Citrus; Richard made one martini - The Multi Media Pomegranate Berry Stripe. It was tough...but in the end we had a winner...RICHARD!!!

Slightly inebriated, we sat down for a traditional Cuban holiday meal and exchanged gifts. It was a great way to kick of the holidays.



Deck the Halls


Virtual Feng Shui

There are so many advantages to editing a video using a virtual set, such as the cost effectiveness of not having to build or rent an actual set and the flexibility to design your environment as you imagine it.  Today, production companies meet pressing deadlines by choosing from a wide selection of great pre-made virtual sets.

Faced with an opportunity to deliver a concept within a short period of timefor NASA featuring a “news desk” virtual set, Josh Smith, a graphic artist at Multi Media selected a pre-made 3D set that would serve as a foundation for our concept.

Using Autodesk Maya, and keeping NASA’s aesthetic in mind, he modified the set with different textures, elements, images, and design layout. The set was customized with blue glass and chrome accents in the desk and behind the monitors; NASA images were added to the background panels/monitors; the desk was rebuilt to accommodate more camera angles and to aesthetically present a more modern set. As a final embellishment, Josh also created a 3D version of the NASA logo for the new desk.

Once the look and feel of the set was established, we tested the accuracy of the camera angles by performing a test shoot in our green screen studio.  The editors chroma keyed the footage and composited the model into the scene.  Three different camera angles were shot: a front wide angle view, a side angle view, and a close-up view. The different angles were then brought into the 3D set and attached to cameras which were then were properly positioned. Josh made final tweaks to the virtual set following the test shoot to ensure the cameras were correctly composed to feature the talent, the ticker, the sidebar, and the set monitors.



Behind the Scenes!

Our production team just wrapped a two-day shoot, with five actors, for an outreach video that depicts the permitting process, told from the perspective of four permittees and one host.  The fictional permittees featured in the video ranged from a banker to an architect to a home owner.  The vision is to depict these characters in their own respective environments (i.e. office, home, etc.).

To achieve this, the actors were shot in both our production offices and in our 1,200 square foot green-screen production studio.   The office scenes were shot in our staff offices; while the living room scenes, with real furniture and props, was set-up on our green screen.   By shooting in this manner, it allowed us complete control of the lighting, sound and ultimately the environment.

Specifically with the green screen set-up, the final footage of the living room will be composited into an actual designed room, created in our 3D software by our designer, which will allow us to change the depth, the color, and the layout of the room, as we desire.

It's really nice to have the creative freedom associated with an in-house production studio.


Set prep!

The guys take a quick break from prepping the set.

The final practical set will be used to shoot on-camera talent before being composited in a 3D virtual environment.


…and the Telly goes to…

The results are in for the 32nd Annual Telly Awards and the team at Multi Media is so excited to be a 2011 Bronze Telly Award Winner! The Telly Awards honor the very best local, regional and cable television commercials and programs, as well as the finest video and film productions and work created for the web.

The winning video, “Alien Invaders”, is a fun educational piece on Aquatic Invasive Species and the importance of aquatic plant control in Florida.  Adam Alvarez, editor, decided to use a 1950s B movie treatment as the creative foundation for the video.  Adam shares, “I saw an opportunity in the ‘Alien Invaders’ story to have some fun with the overall style and theme.  Between the script and the illustrations, I was inspired to drive the video in this direction and I couldn’t be more proud of the end result.”

Check out Alien Invaders!

"It’s always very rewarding when the client acknowledges your hard work and feels that you’ve exceeded all their expectations…which is always our goal.” said Jose Luya, President and CEO of Multi Media Marketing.  Jose continued to share, “It is another really great accomplishment when your peers validate your work.  This award is a validation from the industry that our team delivers quality multimedia solutions.”

While our entire team helped to produce “Alien Invaders”, we want to give a special shout out to the following integral people on this project:

  • Creative Direction & Editor: Adam Alvarez
  • Graphics: Josh Smith and Adriana Mazariegos
  • Camera Operator: Tony Morin
  • Talent: Lincoln Potwin
  • Owners: Jose & Maria Elena Luya
  • Created for the US Army Corps of Engineers
  • USACE Contributors: Adam Tarplee, John Kilpatrick, and the many biologists involved from the Jacksonville District