Multi Media Marketing Associates, Inc.

Martinis and Mistletoe

Creative firms throw the best parties! We had a blast at our 2011 Holiday was awesome!!!

The highlight of the party - The Martini Throwdown! Trust us, Bobby Flay would have been proud. Maria Elena and Richard came ready to battle it out with killer recipes, secret ingredients, and giant shakers. Our judges, Ibsen and Adam, had to evaluate presentation, taste, and originality...while trying to stay sober. The rest of team had the best gig ever...tasting!!! Maria Elena made two martinis - Peach Passion  and Cuban Citrus; Richard made one martini - The Multi Media Pomegranate Berry Stripe. It was tough...but in the end we had a winner...RICHARD!!!

Slightly inebriated, we sat down for a traditional Cuban holiday meal and exchanged gifts. It was a great way to kick of the holidays.