Multi Media Marketing Associates, Inc.

Virtual Feng Shui

There are so many advantages to editing a video using a virtual set, such as the cost effectiveness of not having to build or rent an actual set and the flexibility to design your environment as you imagine it.  Today, production companies meet pressing deadlines by choosing from a wide selection of great pre-made virtual sets.

Faced with an opportunity to deliver a concept within a short period of timefor NASA featuring a “news desk” virtual set, Josh Smith, a graphic artist at Multi Media selected a pre-made 3D set that would serve as a foundation for our concept.

Using Autodesk Maya, and keeping NASA’s aesthetic in mind, he modified the set with different textures, elements, images, and design layout. The set was customized with blue glass and chrome accents in the desk and behind the monitors; NASA images were added to the background panels/monitors; the desk was rebuilt to accommodate more camera angles and to aesthetically present a more modern set. As a final embellishment, Josh also created a 3D version of the NASA logo for the new desk.

Once the look and feel of the set was established, we tested the accuracy of the camera angles by performing a test shoot in our green screen studio.  The editors chroma keyed the footage and composited the model into the scene.  Three different camera angles were shot: a front wide angle view, a side angle view, and a close-up view. The different angles were then brought into the 3D set and attached to cameras which were then were properly positioned. Josh made final tweaks to the virtual set following the test shoot to ensure the cameras were correctly composed to feature the talent, the ticker, the sidebar, and the set monitors.